Eclectic 'Effenaar' venue branding


Really love the eclectic branding of the Effenaar Venue in Eindhoven by Dutch agency Fabrique (designers now at JongeMeesters). They've created a slice of controlled chaos that's really fresh with a heads up to the 80's. The edgy graphic compositions and bold typographic assortments allow every performance's promotional matter to feel individual but part of something bigger. Really fun, perfect for a young crowd and I bet the designers had a riot doing the designs.

Beautiful wall mosaic concept 'Change It!'


Designer: Amirko (Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov) from Russia -

'Change It' is a wall of analogue triangles that turn, each triangle has a white, black and a shade of rainbow colour on it - simple really, but visually effective. Like a big mosaic puzzle for adults that can create a myriad of playful designs according to mood or the function of the room. Moving forward, it could definitely be digital and become limitless with the combination of possibilities, with each square representing a pixel or multiple of pixels - but I still like this analogue version.

Here's another article about the 'Change It' wall with a load of comments which are an interesting read - some people are getting really angry about how it would/wouldn't work. Personally the simplicity of it is what I like, it doesn't become intimidating - just playful - and the authors of some of those comments should just relax more!

Graphic Art by Andy Gilmore

Beautiful graphic patterns by Andy Gilmore from NY - his work has featured on Wallpaper, Wired, Warp, Dazed and Confused to name but a few. Some of his work is also for sale at the 'Pick Me Up' Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at Somerset House, London 23 April - 3 May 2010 ( )

More links to Andy Gilmore work: