WOW!! The Pink & Blue Project

Jeong Mee Yoon: "The Pink and Blue Projects were initiated by my five-year-old daughter, who loves the color pink so much that she wanted to wear only pink clothes and play with only pink toys and objects. I discovered that my daughter’s case was not unusual..."

Debate goes on here: Should we not dress girls in pink?

When I was a little girl there wasn't quite as much pink for sale as today's epidemic pinkage, but I could locate a pink Barbie or Sindy toy-stand like a pink seeking missile. Branding working it's magic it maybe but I grew out of any pink obsession I may/may not have had and don't think it poses as big a problem as is currently being made out (or is that what THEY want me to think??). I still like pink, so sue me.

Tokyo burgers, yes please

What is it about Japanese design that makes me want to devour these soooo much, and how much do I want to visit a branch of 'Freshness Burger'.....very much.

Don't forget to look at the gallery for more pics, especially pic 2 'the MOS burger brings all the deliciousness of mountains, oceans and skies to the burger paradigm' which sits in a wrapper with a simple mountain outline on the wrapper - I want me some of that...