D&AD New Blood & New Designers 2017

Went to see New Designers and D&AD New Blood shows yesterday - always great to see what the students are up to. Lots of politics, post-modern/memphis pattern design, clever use of materials & process for furniture and surface pattern design and as always the furniture design was amazing. Lots of eye-catching posters and graphics everywhere. 

Field Trip to Mars: Framestore's shared VR experience

BAFTA, Oscar and Cannes Lions-winning VFX house Framestore took a group of school children on a Field Trip to Mars, courtesy of a one-of-a-kind US school bus, Unreal Engine and a brilliantly conceived shared VR experience. This removes the headsets and makes for a truly immersive experience...and really exciting future projects that could be inspired from this.

Thamesmead Poster Series

I just LOVE Peter Chadwick's new series of posters about Thamesmead, the London town of Clockwork Orange fame built in the 1960s and 70s. Posters for sale in a limited edition run. A2 designs are £30 + pp and A1 at £45 +pp, and both printed on matt 200gsm paper. Contact info@thisbrutalhouse.com. 


Spollo Kitchen - A Visual Cookbook

I found this last year, then lost the link but thanks to Pinterest found them again - SPOLLO kitchen, a visual cookbook, the result of a crossover between design and cooking. 100 designers from were invited to participate in the idea by CTS grafica, in collaboration with Aiap (the Italian Association for Visual Communication Design) and Adci (Art Director Club), to illustrate their favourite recipes in a call to create the ultimate culinary poster. The results speak for themselves.

Syd Brak 1980's Airbrush Collection

I had a couple of these on my bedroom wall in the 80's. I used to stare at them for ages pondering their boss-level airbrushing. I absolutely loved them, taking regular Saturday trips to Athena to paw over the collection.

Apparently the 'Kiss series' by Syd Brak was planned specifically to appeal to teen and pre-teen girls who 'aspire to maturity and sophistication.' Yep. Sound about right. Source: Wikipedia


Excellent Banners from the March For Europe Rally | Sat 2 July 2016

Today, London saw many thousands of protesters unite for the ‘March for Europe’ rally in opposition to the UK Brexit vote. 

Marching from Park Lane to Parliament Square, a positive day of protest was accompanied by some top notch banners. From "Fromage not Farage", Rick Astley puns like "Never gonna give EU up" and straight to the point "Boris you arse" jibes, an array of inspiring and clever graphics and copy shouted loud and hard today. Here's a collection of the best ones. Enjoy.