Let there be Colour, lots of it | Pantone Branding

PANTONE PLUS http://www.basedesign.com/#/project/310/node310 - Identity, packaging, and launch campaign for Pantone Plus, the successor to the Pantone Matching System. Photography and props by Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbens.

Rare behind-the-scenes look at Pantone and the development of the new PANTONE PLUS SERIES - http://kathykavan.posterous.com/so-thats-how-they-do-itpantone-colour-dev-vid

PRODUCTS 'Pantone brand creates a rainbow of new products' - http://www.cherryflava.com/cherryflava/2007/06/pantone-brand-creates-a-rainbo... also 'Pantone, Merchants of Color' - http://www.printmag.com/article/pantone-merchants-of-color

Excellent article by Momus called 'She comes in colours' - "In just nine months, Pantone has completely changed its meaning in Japan. Once a fistful of numbered swatch cards that pernickety designers would menace printers with, it's now become a trendy consumer buzzword in Japan, and, some might say, a byword for the newly-acceptable face of colour in a nation which dips in and out of chromophobia." http://imomus.livejournal.com/295636.html and Wiki here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantone

FASHION Gap and Pantone – an interesting cobranding attempt, Gap Pantone concept store NYC - http://idology.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/gap-and-pantone-an-interesting-cobran...

Pantone T-Shirts by Uniqlo - http://www.swiss-miss.com/2007/11/pantone-t-shirt.html