Pan-Am's Flight Cool: A vintage brand archive #panam

My first flight was on a Pan Am plane in the 1970's - the experience left a permanent mark on me and I still get butterflies when I stare at the classic round, blue logo and all the travel-based promise it encapsulates. I've collated an archive about Pan-Am from mainly the 50's to the 70's. It includes the designers favourite 'Pan Am's World' poster series, the amazing membership cards to Pan Am's First Moon flights Club from Robert Venditti's site (his dad was a member), lots of vintage illustrative adverts and the inclusion of the classic safety card and more...enjoy! (If you like PanAm then you'll like the Swissair post too: )

Pan Am’s World—Chermayeff & Geismar -

Pan Am’s “First Moon Flights” Club -

Celebrating the history of Pan American World Airways 1927-1991  -

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