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Face hacking: Real-time projection mapping

and how they do it....

A collaboration between Japanese media artist Nobumichi Asai, make-up artist Hiroto Kuwahara and digital image engineer Paul Lacroix is turning faces into digital works of art. The Omote project uses projection mapping techniques to put make-up and effects onto a model's face in real-time. BBC Click's LJ Rich went behind the scenes to find out more.

Found via @kevinhankey 

Memory Lane...Sky Active & Sky Gamestar iTV UI (2006 and before...)

Just came across video capture of projects I worked on a lifetime ago (well not that long, pre-2006 but it feels like a lifetime). Sky Active and Sky Gamestar on the SkyTV interactive platform.

Sky Active was a video fronted interactive TV portal that linked you to all of Sky's interactive services, and Sky Gamestar was the interactive gaming platform featuring favourites such as the ever popular Beehive Bedlam and Who wants to be a Millionaire. Brilliant to work on it all that time ago...*sniffs*

Are Emoticons the Future of Language?

"In the digital age, we increasingly use written language in place of face to face chat or phone calls. But the advantages email, chat, and text give us in speed come with limitations in communicating emotional tone. Enter emoticons and emojis. Not just a playful supplement to language, these new tools allow for complexity in tone and emotion never before possible in written language, as well as provide new opportunities for creative expression. Rapidly spreading throughout culture, emoticons and emojis fill a void in written language that few realized we so desperately needed."

Ben Zimmer, Linguist & Lexicographer
Mitchell Stephens, Prof. of Journalism, NYU
Fred Benenson, Creator of "Emoji Dick"

The Sky at Night, looking back at 50 years of broadcast

In loving memory of Patrick Moore, who I have watched since I can remember watching TV. As soon as the BBC announcer said it was time for The Sky at Night, I always curled up ready to explore whatever Patrick had decided to show. I will truly miss him.

The Sky at Night looking back at the 50 years of broadcast since 1957.

In this clip, Patrick Moore talks to prof. Carlos Frenk about the 'seven wonders of the universe' discovered in the last 50 years.

Feel like watching the Xerox demo that influenced Apple?

"Demonstration of the Xerox Star user interface from 1982. The Lisa and Mac interfaces that would follow a couple years later are dismissed by some today as being merely a direct ripoff of Xerox's work...but in watching this it becomes apparent that Apple's UI was in fact an evolution of these concepts, not a 1:1 copy. The Star UI has little to no direct manipulation, nor any visual distinction for radio buttons or check boxes. In other places, such as networking and printing, the Star was many years ahead. The Star UI laid the foundation but it was not copied whole cloth as some will claim."