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The Muson Synthesizer, 1978

This may just be the coolest synth I've ever soon, the Muson Synthesizer is a rare mini organ with a built-in sequencer, created in 1978 by Mego Corp.

About the Muson Synthesizer, says:

Kind of a ROLAND TB-303 but much cooler & cheaper – still cheaper… The coloured buttons can be used to change the melody and rhythm. Each color has a different tune. You can also change the speed and pitch of the sequence with 2 sliders. This was also released by Palitoy in the UK.

Analogue 'Tools of the trade' poster


Artist: Mike Davis
One for lovers and collectors of electronic musical gadgets, gizmos, pedals, beat machines, and dusty analog cassettes and records. Mike Davis has assembled some of his favorite vintage noisemaking paraphernalia and created vector illustrations of all of them.18 x 24"5 color print on French Whitewash paper, signed & numbered edition of 200 prints.