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The Sky at Night, looking back at 50 years of broadcast

In loving memory of Patrick Moore, who I have watched since I can remember watching TV. As soon as the BBC announcer said it was time for The Sky at Night, I always curled up ready to explore whatever Patrick had decided to show. I will truly miss him.

The Sky at Night looking back at the 50 years of broadcast since 1957.

In this clip, Patrick Moore talks to prof. Carlos Frenk about the 'seven wonders of the universe' discovered in the last 50 years.

Blog Interlude One | The Kitten

Dear All, I am currently moving house, so until I am safely re-homed, stress-free and enjoying a spankingly speedy broadband connection, I leave you with a daily selection of splendid vintage Interlude Films, love Kathy xx

"Interlude films were used to "fill-in" gaps in the television schedule, either when there was a technical breakdown (valve technology was prone to breakdown frequently), or, in the early days of post-war television, to allow changes between studios.

The kitten's name was Snowy and he was owned by Mr Martin of Barnet, Herts. This film footage is from the Archive Collection held and administered by the Alexandra Palace Television Society.