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Interact with fingertips, knuckles, nails...

FingerSense Overview | from Qeexo on Vimeo.

Fingers have many "modes" - they do not just poke, as contemporary touchscreen interaction would suggest, but also flick, rub, knock, grasp, and many other actions. Qeexo's FingerSense technology is an enhancement to touch interaction that allows screens to know how the finger is being used for input: fingertip, knuckle or nail. 

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Feel like watching the Xerox demo that influenced Apple?

"Demonstration of the Xerox Star user interface from 1982. The Lisa and Mac interfaces that would follow a couple years later are dismissed by some today as being merely a direct ripoff of Xerox's work...but in watching this it becomes apparent that Apple's UI was in fact an evolution of these concepts, not a 1:1 copy. The Star UI has little to no direct manipulation, nor any visual distinction for radio buttons or check boxes. In other places, such as networking and printing, the Star was many years ahead. The Star UI laid the foundation but it was not copied whole cloth as some will claim."

'Metro' Design Language of Windows Phone 7 & Beyond

'Metro'. An interactive design language to be reckoned with.

What is it?
"Metro is the name of the new design language created for the Windows Phone 7 interface. When given the chance for a fresh start, the Windows Phone design team drew from many sources of inspiration to determine the guiding principles for the next generation phone interface. Sources included Swiss influenced print and packaging with its emphasis on simplicity, way-finding graphics found in transportation hubs and other Microsoft software such as Zune, Office Labs and games with a strong focus on motion and content over chrome." Source:

Metro's Design Principles are:

/ Light, Clean, Open, Fast 
/ Content, not Chrome
/ Typography
/ Motion
/ Authentically Digital

Metro Presentation...

Window's Phone interface before and after Metro...
(Windows Mobile 6.5 vs Windows Phone 7)

Assorted Metro shots...

The creators of Windows Phone 7, the Metro UI and where the inspiration came from...

Jeff Fong, the Design lead for Windows Phone kicks-off Windows Phone design day with his overview of Metro...

Metro design language being used on Windows 8...


Plink Multiplayer Music Experience

Plink is a multiplayer music experience with a super intuitive user interface. Simply by clicking and moving your mouse you create music in real time. You can play by yourself or together with three friends (or strangers). No hassle, just plain fun music creation.Note: Plink is a Chrome experiment. It’s built with HTML5, JavaScript and the under development Web Audio API. Because of this you most likely need to use the latest version of Chrome for smooth playback. via

FANTASTIC Curious Displays by Julia Tsao

"Curious Displays is a product proposal for a new platform for display technology. Instead of a fixed form factor screen, the display surface is instead broken up into hundreds of ½ inch display blocks. Each block operates independently as a self-contained unit, and has full mobility, allowing movement across any physical surface. The blocks operate independently of one another, but are aware of the position and role relative to the rest of the system. With this awareness, the blocks are able to coordinate with the other blocks to reconfigure their positioning to form larger display surfaces and forms depending on purpose and function. In this way, the blocks become a physical embodiment of digital media, and act as a vehicle for the physical manifestation of what typically exists only in the virtual space of the screen."