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Navigation with way-finding graphics

A conversation with Tony Howard, the Managing Director of the London based Transport Design Consultancy to discuss his approach to way-finding signage. Having previously worked as Head of Design at British Rail, more recent projects include the branding and signing projects for Sydney Metro, Bangalore Metro, St Pancras International, Bengaluru International airport and in Dubai, advising on graphics, signing and brand strategy for Dubai's public transport system, including metro, tram, marine and airport rail services. 

'Metro' Design Language of Windows Phone 7 & Beyond

'Metro'. An interactive design language to be reckoned with.

What is it?
"Metro is the name of the new design language created for the Windows Phone 7 interface. When given the chance for a fresh start, the Windows Phone design team drew from many sources of inspiration to determine the guiding principles for the next generation phone interface. Sources included Swiss influenced print and packaging with its emphasis on simplicity, way-finding graphics found in transportation hubs and other Microsoft software such as Zune, Office Labs and games with a strong focus on motion and content over chrome." Source:

Metro's Design Principles are:

/ Light, Clean, Open, Fast 
/ Content, not Chrome
/ Typography
/ Motion
/ Authentically Digital

Metro Presentation...

Window's Phone interface before and after Metro...
(Windows Mobile 6.5 vs Windows Phone 7)

Assorted Metro shots...

The creators of Windows Phone 7, the Metro UI and where the inspiration came from...

Jeff Fong, the Design lead for Windows Phone kicks-off Windows Phone design day with his overview of Metro...

Metro design language being used on Windows 8...