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Disruption & Decentralisation: The Next Web Debrief 2014

Disruption, Decentralisation and a Debrief of the rest. A round up of the key themes from The Next Web, Amsterdam, May 2014 given as talks to Sky TV, UK. 

Includes Duolingo, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digital Darwinism, Game changers today, Free is a lie, Post-Snowden Web and the Future of shopping.

Real-time Generative Art on Southbank Sky Arts Awards 2011 Website

To celebrate the fantastic creativity being featured in the Southbank Sky Arts Awards 2011, we at Sky Creative have designed a website allowing you to create your own unique piece of Generative Art simply through navigating the site.

Site Design

Examples of Generated wallpaper Art
Also available for download here:

Generated iPhone wallpapers
Also available for download here:

Brush Samples
Included in the pool of assets that the generative code is sampling from...

Why Generative?
The thinking behind the Generative Art for was to create a dynamic vibrant backdrop for the users to engage with through the process of interacting with the site itself. The Gen Art evolves over the course the user's journey and is directly influenced by the interactions they make within the site (page views/mouse clicks). This affects the current art style and the range of brushes available at any one time. The Gen Art draws upon a variety of individual 'brushes' which are then grouped used together and used to simulate a particular 'art style'. Some of these styles are custom-made and others are designed to reflect the essence of a particular well-known artist (e.g. Matisse, Miro). A compatibility matrix was created that allows the styles to flow into each other whilst attempting to maintain a visually appealing mix of colours and patterns. This allows for greater variety of art and gives the visitor a unique experience every time. The visitor then has the option to save the 'canvas' as wallpaper for their desktop or mobile device, as MSN and profile icons or submit it to the Generative Art Gallery housed within the South Bank site to share with others. The Awards Ceremony takes place on Tuesday 25 Jan on Sky Arts, go to to create your artwork and hear all the news about the Awards.

By the Digital team at Sky Creative:

Senior Designer | Marc Bendel
Art Director | Kathy Kavan
Creative Technologists | Greg Fleming, Dennis Hing
Creative Technology Manager | Andy Dobson