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Roos van Dijk | Beautiful structures

Roos van Dijk
Born in Utrecht, 1989

"A fascination with modern architecture and the rush of modern life are themes that are strongly present in the work of Van Dijk. The aesthetics of the human-made environment is cast in paint, and forms and places from our daily life are moulded in a new way of seeing. Through the action of capturing large architectural structures and their beauty first in photographs, Van Dijk frames her source in a way that is surprising. As a following step, the artist translates the photographs into paintings where the departing point is left aside and the layered, refined painting takes over. What moves this process is the artist's will to give shape to her personal encounters with such overwhelming spaces and hidden places, in a way that becomes an accessible and open experience for the viewers as well." 

Suzie Hermán, 2012

My 'Frieze Art Fair' Favourites | London, 2012

Here's some of my favourite works from this year's Frieze Art Fair, London - I don't know all the artists names because taking a 5 year with you negates the ability for any kind of concentration other than a low audible threat of 'do not touch that art work' (the most used phrase of the day). Nevertheless, I have the images if not the intel behind all of them...mixed in are a few greats from Patrick Caufield, Grayson Perry and Robert Indiana.

Animated GIFs: The Birth of a Medium | From PBS OffBook

"GIFs are one of the oldest image formats used on the web. Throughout their history, they have served a huge variety of purposes, from functional to entertainment. Now, 25 years after the first GIF was created, they are experiencing an explosion of interest and innovation that is pushing them into the terrain of art. In this episode of Off Book, we chart their history, explore the hotbed of GIF creativity on Tumblr, and talk to two teams of GIF artists who are evolving the form into powerful new visual experiences."


More interesting PBS videos here and PBS site here

Oliver Payne's Japanese Bullet Hell Games Art

"From the exhibition Perfect Cherry Blossom by Keiichi Tanaami (*1936) and Oliver Payne (*1977). Oliver Payne’s collages stickers of Japanese Bullet Hell Games are arranged on torn out pages of an ancient Greek sculpture catalogue. Payne transforms the violent imagery of these videogames into psychedelic explosions of color. Greek statues serve as a background and a reminder of the fantasy worlds produced in Japanese arcade games, which often picture rural Europe. Sounds of an arcade field recording give a notion of manic playfulness towards the exhibited works."

Geometric Art by Mary Webb

This weekend I visited 'Journeys in Colour' an exhibition by Suffolk based artist Mary Webb at the Sainsbury Centre UEA Norwich

I'd never heard of her before, but her Patrick Caulfield meets Bridget Riley style is boldly imposing. Some big pieces too, walking into the main exhibit room graphically punches you between the eyes. The exhibition continues until 26 Feb 2012.