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Forms | Generative Olympiad Motion Art

"Quayola (aka 'dQ') and Memo Akten through digital production outfit Nexus Interactive Arts, have created ‘Forms’, a multiscreen digital artwork commissioned by the National Media Museum for the exhibition In the Blink of an Eye: Media and Movement, which is part of the Cultural Olympiad programme. This generative animation and interactive installation will display at the Museum from 9 March – 2 September."

Found via Kristen @artstings

Marius Watz - Thoughts on Code and Form

"A brief survey of the state of computational aesthetics from early pioneers to the recent boom in creatives working with code. From infoporn to data sculpture and generative landscape painting, what new ideas are coming out of this new movement?" 

Excellent presentation on creative coding and the wonders it's producing by @mariuswatz - via @andrewdotdobson & @dombles

Zinging Landscapes by Jonathan Zawada

"An exhibition of large scale drawings and oil paintings at Prism Gallery, Los Angeles from December 16, 2010 – February 28, 2011. The landscape topographies were derived from graph data, modeled in 3D and then oil paintings created from those 3D renders." 

See more of his work - found via

Addictive Web-based Drawing Apps

This post has taken me a long time to make - every time I visited a site to play with the drawing tool I lost most of the night to it's charms. I wanted to talk about some of the coolest tools I've found, namely Scrbtle, Psykopaint, Mr. Doob's Harmony, Rot.Sketch, Weave Silk, Bomomo, Odosketch and Pixelatr  

"Scrbtle is a generative drawing tool that consists of a scripting language with a simple set of commands and predefined variables. The idea behind it is to create nice graphics and to learn how to code in a playful way." This is a lovely opportunity to edit code in the manner of and but in your browser, and is simple to use as either a novice or a more experienced coder. It has infinite potential in generating artwork and allows code tinkering that you can view instantly.

Convert your photos into paintings as well as being a pretty cool drawing canvas - this Flash app shows that Flash is still very much in the game for immersive web experiences. There's some nice features: being able to sample from the photos below and paint and manipulate the photo in the style of assorted artists brush strokes, which always holds the potential of being a little cheesy, but is just a way of naming an array of brush styles. I almost preferred using the canvas without the photo due to the variety you can achieve through the brushes, colours and layering.

Mr. Doob's Harmony
I got completely absorbed in Harmony, it feels great to draw in and some of the brushes (such as 'Shaded') create beautiful graphic connections, allowing you to 'find' the shapes when drawing. The whole thing is modular so the author can keep adding more brush styles whenever inspired. The drawing styles are all variations of the neighbour points connection concept - (see ), read more about the app here

This is an HTML5 experiment by Jean Helfenstein and is really fun to play with. It's a bit like a digital spirograph, and once you set up the points, you can let it draw on it's own, or you can speed up the process with holding down the space bar, make up new points and generally faff about until you create something gorgeous which you can then save. 

Originally made as an iPhone app that you spin on the table to create the spirograph 
See more examples of artwork created:

Weave Silk
This is lovely to watch, and you can share your 'silk' which shows the viewer the animation you instigated.

I spent a while going through all the various algorithmic button choices and found some favourites, only for them to be ruined by a rogue next choice! That's what is intriguing about this app...the skill of knowing when to stop.

"Odosketch is a Flash drawing application that was first launched in August of 2006 for an Adobe Design Gallery feature on Odopod. Opopod left the tool open for anyone to use and there's over 19,000 sketches saved so far." I liked this when I used it years ago, it's controlled palette, brush set and subtle transparencies create tactile drawings that feel very real. Also has a nice playback function for every live and saved drawing so you can see how others built up their drawings. Pixelatr
"A massively multi-user collaborative pixel art page. Lets any number of users edit the same large grid of pixels in real time. Created in Javascript, WebSockets, SVG, Raphaël, node.js" - this app brings out your inner bad as you can draw over other people's pixels in realtime as they watch. This is engaging - you spend ages drawing something only to have someone else mess about with it while you watch, it gets really funny as your pixel doodling and competing with unknowns (which gives you a lot of psychological freedom)!

Beautiful 3D Fractals by SubBlue

Surface detail from SubBlue

This is beautiful, and the author Tom Beddard is working on a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will let you explore structures like this in real time...can't wait! See more - latest work here - Tweets here

Statement by Tom Beddard - "I have a fascination with the aesthetics of detail and complexity that is the result of simple mathematical or algorithmic processes. For me the creative process is writing my own software and scripts to explore the resulting output in an interactive manner. The best outcomes are often the least expected!"

Real-time Generative Art on Southbank Sky Arts Awards 2011 Website

To celebrate the fantastic creativity being featured in the Southbank Sky Arts Awards 2011, we at Sky Creative have designed a website allowing you to create your own unique piece of Generative Art simply through navigating the site.

Site Design

Examples of Generated wallpaper Art
Also available for download here:

Generated iPhone wallpapers
Also available for download here:

Brush Samples
Included in the pool of assets that the generative code is sampling from...

Why Generative?
The thinking behind the Generative Art for was to create a dynamic vibrant backdrop for the users to engage with through the process of interacting with the site itself. The Gen Art evolves over the course the user's journey and is directly influenced by the interactions they make within the site (page views/mouse clicks). This affects the current art style and the range of brushes available at any one time. The Gen Art draws upon a variety of individual 'brushes' which are then grouped used together and used to simulate a particular 'art style'. Some of these styles are custom-made and others are designed to reflect the essence of a particular well-known artist (e.g. Matisse, Miro). A compatibility matrix was created that allows the styles to flow into each other whilst attempting to maintain a visually appealing mix of colours and patterns. This allows for greater variety of art and gives the visitor a unique experience every time. The visitor then has the option to save the 'canvas' as wallpaper for their desktop or mobile device, as MSN and profile icons or submit it to the Generative Art Gallery housed within the South Bank site to share with others. The Awards Ceremony takes place on Tuesday 25 Jan on Sky Arts, go to to create your artwork and hear all the news about the Awards.

By the Digital team at Sky Creative:

Senior Designer | Marc Bendel
Art Director | Kathy Kavan
Creative Technologists | Greg Fleming, Dennis Hing
Creative Technology Manager | Andy Dobson

Continuously Regenerated & Unique | Printed Art Books

Created in collaboration with more than 70 media artists and developers from across the world, Written Images is the first of its kind. A 'programmed book', continuously regenerated for the digital printing process, offering each reader a unique experience. See some of the art in the comped image below.

See and (found via