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Marius Watz - Thoughts on Code and Form

"A brief survey of the state of computational aesthetics from early pioneers to the recent boom in creatives working with code. From infoporn to data sculpture and generative landscape painting, what new ideas are coming out of this new movement?" 

Excellent presentation on creative coding and the wonders it's producing by @mariuswatz - via @andrewdotdobson & @dombles

Stunning iTunes Visualization

Robert Hodgin who presented at this year's Flash on the Beach (see ) created this iTunes Visualizer all in code - clever, beautiful, hypnotic & beyond inspiring.

"The thing that is most interesting to me about the video is that it was nearly entire created with code. I say nearly because I use a couple premade particle images but every other aspect (aside from the music, of course) was made possible with code. And randomness. If I were to recompile the code over and over, the resulting videos would all be unique."