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Alternative London Olympic 2012 Posters

I'm not alone in my disappointment about the London 2012 Olympic branding and graphics, so here's some of the many 'alternative' London 2012 Olympic posters out there.

A) London 2012 Olympics posters by british designers, Central Saint Martins college of arts and design


B) Alan Clark's proposals designed to work with the Transport for London branding


C) Thomas Bræstrup's series of three posters focusing on what the athletes go through, emphasizing the words "blood", "sweat" and "tears" in the colours of the Olympic rings.


D) Andrew Maunders design has been influenced by the 1948 London Olympic games poster


E) This is the first year that the Olympics will be featuring Women's Boxing, so Jenelle Dagres did a cheeky Queen boxing poster


F) Sanar Abass has created some great minimal designs


G) Giles Priscott posters are inspired by David Hockney and Les Graphiquants

Forms | Generative Olympiad Motion Art

"Quayola (aka 'dQ') and Memo Akten through digital production outfit Nexus Interactive Arts, have created ‘Forms’, a multiscreen digital artwork commissioned by the National Media Museum for the exhibition In the Blink of an Eye: Media and Movement, which is part of the Cultural Olympiad programme. This generative animation and interactive installation will display at the Museum from 9 March – 2 September."

Found via Kristen @artstings

10 Favourite Posts in 2010

Looking back on 2010, here's 10 of my favourite posts over the year - Have a Happy New Year Everyone! xx

1. Graphic Design of Fred Troller 1930-2002

2. Mexico 1968 Olympic Identity by Lance Wyman

3. Graphic Heroes: Otl Aicher, Designer 1972 Munich Olympics Identity

4. Soviet Arcade Games & Posters

5. Tadanori Yokoo Psychedelic Posters

6. A lil' Waldo Pancake for you..

7. Modernist Textiles | 1950's & Henry Moore

8. The many ways Star Wars is used in adverts...

9. A World of Miffy & Dick Bruna

10. Graphical Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla!!!

Mexico 1968 Olympic Identity by Lance Wyman

I hope this is a useful collection of reference for the Mexico 68 graphic identity system - it still looks fresh, the logo epitomises 'Sports' with it's go-faster, motion aesthetic and it's just all round cool!

Lance Wyman and

"Graphic design became an important visual ambassador for the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games, It was the first time the games were hosted by a Latin American nation. In planning for the games, Mexico, an emerging third world nation, could not afford to make the extensive architectural statement made in Tokyo four years earlier. Graphic design contributed to the ambiance of the Mexican games and helped to make a meaningful visual impact for fewer pesos."

Linking Huichol imagery to Op Art gave the Mexico Olympics a memorable graphic identity

If we define communication as ‘a connection allowing access between persons or places’, then MEXICO 68 communicated supremely. It connected people with people, places with places, and each with the other as logically, elegantly and joyfully as may be possible. Above all, the value of the design was in the concept and construction of a graphic system within which every design element was integrated into a general proposal. The proposal delivered a jolt through the ingenuity of its imagery. 


See also my previous Olympic post 'Graphic Heroes: Otl Aicher, Designer 1972 Munich Olympics Identity'

Graphic Heroes: Otl Aicher, Designer 1972 Munich Olympics Identity

In honour or the formidable graphic work of Otl Aicher, I have collated this post as a useful resource of the man and his work. He was responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympic Identity (in my opinion the BEST Olympic branding system bar none), including a new set of pictograms that paved the way for the stick figures currently used in public signs, the design of the first Official Olympic mascot, a striped dachshund named Waldi and he also designed the Rotis font family in 1989.