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Syd Mead & Blade Runner | Concept Artwork, Posters, Interviews

Blade Runner Posters, Official and Fan versions

Syd Mead on Blade Runner

Blade Runner Design Work by Syd Mead


2019: A Future Imagined

Visual Futurist Syd Mead ("Blade Runner," "Aliens," "Tron") reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future. Photographed in P2 High Definition, this featurette provides insight into the fascinating mind of one of the most influential artists of modern cinema and automotive design via 

Syd Mead Collection on Flickr (Blade Runner plus other work)

Illustrating the Mind > The Design of Psychology Book Covers

How would you illustrate matters concerning the mind? Well most of these Pelican and Penguin book covers use circles in some form as the shape of choice, add to that a few crazy squares, an ink blot and the occasional photo. The indistinct nature of the content allows rather graphic, abstract forms to occur - me likey. This set is also viewable in my Flickr gallery 'Illustrating the mind > Psychology Book Covers' -

'Omni' Magazine 1978-1995

All hail the late Omni magazine..."OMNI was a science and science fiction magazine published in the US. It contained articles on science fact and short works of science fiction. The first issue was published in October 1978, the last in Winter 1995, with an internet version lasting until 1998." (from wikipedia 

Good Googie!

OH MY GOOGIE! Fantastic set by Heather David on Flickr

"Googie is that wacky, whimsical, space-age architecture that permeated the American landscape in the 1950s and 1960s. Three parts Jetsons, one part Flintstones, Googie was a form of mid-century modern architecture designed to attract an ever-expanding American leisure class."