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Once upon a time designers used Letraset®

When I was a little girl in the 70's I used to steal Dad's Letraset type transfers to make my drawings/walls/dollshouse walls look like 'real' magazines and posters (well that was the idea anyway!) - Letraset was messy, inaccurate, nerve-wracking, you always ran out of the letters you wanted...and I loved it! Here's a few Letraset bits I've found, see more in my 'Letraset Love' Gallery on flickr -

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Viva la Polaroid


Who doesn't love Polaroid photos?
1. THE tantalising a few minutes of getting that (almost) instant photo developing in your hand (and yes it's wayyyy more exciting than today's digital printing).
2. THE PICTURE QUALITY...the prints with their muted, ghostly look that instantly have an atmosphere - and can also be effected and manipulated when developing to deconstruct the image appearing before your eyes.
3. THE FRAME...the white outer frame that immediately makes the photo look ready to be hung on a wall and with it's fat width has an cool 1970's appeal.

I've compiled a list of links of some beautiful, eery, abstract polaroid compositions I've found on Flickr...enjoy!

Thanks to @flickrdesign for featuring my work

Yayy, just seen that I've got 2 designs featured on 23 March's Flickr Design site, thanks to @flickrdesign for the feature!

Visit >
Aqua Spot >
Mute Beige 12 >

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