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10 Favourite Posts in 2010

Looking back on 2010, here's 10 of my favourite posts over the year - Have a Happy New Year Everyone! xx

1. Graphic Design of Fred Troller 1930-2002

2. Mexico 1968 Olympic Identity by Lance Wyman

3. Graphic Heroes: Otl Aicher, Designer 1972 Munich Olympics Identity

4. Soviet Arcade Games & Posters

5. Tadanori Yokoo Psychedelic Posters

6. A lil' Waldo Pancake for you..

7. Modernist Textiles | 1950's & Henry Moore

8. The many ways Star Wars is used in adverts...

9. A World of Miffy & Dick Bruna

10. Graphical Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla!!!

The Bauhaus Textiles of Gunta Stölzl & Anni Albers

Gunta Stolzl

"Gunta Stölzl (5 March 1897 – 22 April 1983) was a German textile artist  who played a fundamental role in the development of the Bauhaus school’s weaving workshop. As the Bauhaus’s only female master she created enormous change within the weaving department as it transitioned from individual pictorial works to modern industrial designs. She joined the Bauhaus as a student in 1920, became a junior master in 1927 and a full master the next year. She was dismissed for political reasons in 1931, a year before the Bauhaus closed under pressure from the Nazis.  The textile department was a neglected part of the Bauhaus when Ms. Stölzl began her career, and its active masters were weak on the technical aspects of textile production. She soon became a mentor to other students and reopened the Bauhaus dye studios in 1921. After a brief departure, Stölzl became the school's weaving director in 1925 when it relocated from Weimar to Dessau and expanded the department to increase its weaving and dyeing facilities. She applied ideas from modern art to weaving, experimented with synthetic materials, and improved the department's technical instruction to include courses in mathematics. The Bauhaus weaving workshop became one of its most successful facilities under her direction."

Anni Albers
Gallery of her Bauhaus texiles and some examples of later pattern work

"At Walter Gropius's Bauhaus she began her first year under Georg Muche and then Johannes Itten. Women were barred from certain disciplines taught at the school, especially architecture, and during her second year, unable to get into a glass workshop with future husband Josef Albers, Anni Albers deferred reluctantly to weaving. With her instructor Gunta Stölzl, however, Albers soon learned to love weaving's tactile construction challenges."

Also, see my previous post on 'The Bauhaus Style'

Modernist Textiles | 1950's & Henry Moore

Fifties Textiles

God they're gorgeous - here's some I've collected around and about. Some of the patterns in the gallery are from 'V&A Pattern - The Fifties' book by Sue Prichard for £7.99 - a lovely collection of patterns which you also get copies on CD

Henry Moore Textiles

I visited the 'Henry Moore Textiles' exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich last weekend and was blown away by how Moore's drawings were reproduced as textiles by Czech textile manufacturer Zika Ascher - they were really beautiful with fantastic subtle palettes.

"Although Moore is best known for his sculptures, this acclaimed exhibition offers the opportunity to see his work on an intimate scale, bringing together dress and upholstery fabrics with wall panels, drawings and lithographs.  Henry Moore was first approached to make designs for fabrics during the Second World War, when Czech textile manufacturer Zika Ascher commissioned him and other leading artists to create designs for scarves. Moore worked closely with Ascher on the project, producing fabrics which were versatile and practical, yet remained vibrant works of art.  The exuberant designs incorporate images of barbed-wire and safety pins as well as more light-hearted motifs of caterpillars, sea creatures and piano keys. Moore’s work looked forward to a new era, in keeping with the artist’s belief that art should be part of everyday life. His use of vivid pinks and greens, zigzags and swirls of interspersing colours contrasts with the often subdued colours of clothing and domestic fabrics in the post-war years." See also and

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