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Psychedelic 'Hapshash and the Coloured Coat' & 'Osiris' Posters

"Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, the 1960s design duo comprised of Michael English and Nigel Waymouth. The two artists, together with associate Martin Sharp, are indelibly associated with the London psychedelic scene of the late Sixties. Whereas Sharp’s posters were often loose and dramatically bold explosions of shape and colour, the Hapshash posters were more carefully controlled in their curating of disparate elements borrowed from Art Nouveau—especially Mucha and Beardsely—comic strips, Op Art, Pop art and fantasy illustration. Their work perfectly complemented the very distinctive atmosphere of the capital’s psychedelic scene which, for a couple of hectic years, saw an explosion of new bands (or old bands in new guises) fervently engaged in a lysergic exploration of Victoriana, childhood memories and frequent silliness. English and Waymouth’s graphics captured the London mood." Quoted from–2009/ and


    10 Favourite Posts in 2010

    Looking back on 2010, here's 10 of my favourite posts over the year - Have a Happy New Year Everyone! xx

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    Tadanori Yokoo Psychedelic Posters

    Bizarre, colourful, psychedellic, trippy, intense, complicated, simple, saturated, contemporary...nuff said!
    The National Museum of Art, Osaka: The Complete Posters Exhibition

    Tadanori Yokoo began producing posters while attending high school in his hometown of Nishiwaki. Then, following stints at the Kobe Shimbun newspaper, the National Advertising Research Center, and after moving to Tokyo in 1960, the Nippon Design Center, Yokoo joined the Japan Advertising Artists Club at the tender age of 22. In the mid-60s, through his relationships with Juro Kara and Shuji Terayama, Yokoo suddenly rose to prominence through works such as Koshi-maki Osen and La Marie Vison. At the same time, his illustrations for magazines such as Heibon Punch and Hanashi no Tokushu made him a darling of the media. Yokoo's posters, which while reflecting post-war Japanese society, have been burned into our brains as unforgettable memories of the era. They are also notable for the fact that rather than following foreign trends, they display a unique sense of Japanese graphic design. Yokoo's creative activities later expanding to include a wide range of fields such as painting and literature, but as he continued to produce posters throughout his career, the poster format functions as the core of his work as an artist.

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