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The 1984 'V' DC Comic

Licensed in 1985 by DC Comics, the 'V' comic was made for the US market (which is why I've sadly never seen it until now). I would have been a slave to this comic, a slave...

"Readers criticised the inconsistent likenesses of TV characters (a contractual requirement to avoid additional payments and approvals), hitherto unseen Visitor technology (flying platforms, jet packs and the ability to casually regenerate missing limbs) and Motherships which alternated between high and low orbit depending on the whim of the artist. Source"

Batman Comic Artist, Jerry Robinson (1922 - 2011)

Comic book artist Jerry Robinson, who created characters including Batman's sidekick Robin and the Joker, has died aged 89. In 1940, Jerry Robinson drew the first concept sketch of one of the greatest literary villains of all time, The Joker. He describes the creation in this video interview...

Samples of his work...

The first concept sketch of The Joker

Image source:

NYTimes: The Joker in the Deck: Birth of a Supervillain

NYTimes: Jerry Robinson, Godfather of a Comic-Book Villain, Dies at 89