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Vintage Mexican Horror, Sci-Fi & Action Lobby Cards

Images from a variety of science fiction, horror and adventure films released in Mexico

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Frankenstein's Mixed up Mexican Lobby Cards 

Mexico 1968 Olympic Identity by Lance Wyman

I hope this is a useful collection of reference for the Mexico 68 graphic identity system - it still looks fresh, the logo epitomises 'Sports' with it's go-faster, motion aesthetic and it's just all round cool!

Lance Wyman and

"Graphic design became an important visual ambassador for the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games, It was the first time the games were hosted by a Latin American nation. In planning for the games, Mexico, an emerging third world nation, could not afford to make the extensive architectural statement made in Tokyo four years earlier. Graphic design contributed to the ambiance of the Mexican games and helped to make a meaningful visual impact for fewer pesos."

Linking Huichol imagery to Op Art gave the Mexico Olympics a memorable graphic identity

If we define communication as ‘a connection allowing access between persons or places’, then MEXICO 68 communicated supremely. It connected people with people, places with places, and each with the other as logically, elegantly and joyfully as may be possible. Above all, the value of the design was in the concept and construction of a graphic system within which every design element was integrated into a general proposal. The proposal delivered a jolt through the ingenuity of its imagery. 


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