Alternative London Olympic 2012 Posters

I'm not alone in my disappointment about the London 2012 Olympic branding and graphics, so here's some of the many 'alternative' London 2012 Olympic posters out there.

A) London 2012 Olympics posters by british designers, Central Saint Martins college of arts and design


B) Alan Clark's proposals designed to work with the Transport for London branding


C) Thomas Bræstrup's series of three posters focusing on what the athletes go through, emphasizing the words "blood", "sweat" and "tears" in the colours of the Olympic rings.


D) Andrew Maunders design has been influenced by the 1948 London Olympic games poster


E) This is the first year that the Olympics will be featuring Women's Boxing, so Jenelle Dagres did a cheeky Queen boxing poster


F) Sanar Abass has created some great minimal designs


G) Giles Priscott posters are inspired by David Hockney and Les Graphiquants