Parappa (& Friends): Sketches, Artwork, Vids | Rodney Alan Greenblat

Some great initial sketches for Parappa and Major Minor's Majestic March...

Rodney Alan Greenblat's site - "...In the 1990's Rodney's experimentation with the then novel personal computer led him to the production of interactive CD-ROMs and then to the video game industry. He became the artistic force behind the best selling game for Sony Playstation called "Parappa The Rapper." This led to a whole line of popular consumer products distributed in Japan, and a weekly animated television series also in Japan. Rodney has now become known as one of the worlds top character designers, with his original character franchise "Thunder Bunny" still popular in Japan..."

An Interview with Rodney about Parappa by Austin Bunn for I.D. Magazine -