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For the love of Kubrick | Cinémathèque Française

The Cinémathèque Française is currently running a major exhibition on Stanley Kubrick - and for the online part of the exhibition they have collated fan-art inspired by Kubrick's work...

The best Kubrick web creations
"The Cinémathèque française launches an ambitious project: to present on its website the best web creation on the Kubrick legend. Graphic artists, video artists, stylists, plastic artists: a whole generation of creative talents has turned to the work of Kubrick over the past 15 years, paying homage to him, questioning his work, remixing it, etc. The adoration of these artistes for Kubrick will be the occasion to highlight the modernity of a film director adopted by a host of netsurfers all over the world, and whose works will be united for the first time in the same place."

They have included three of my mock Kubrick book covers, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange and The Shining.
As well as being my favourite Kubrick films, they all contain layers of visual symbolism both iconic and open to personal interpretation.

"Reactions to art are always different because they are always deeply personal...the film becomes anything the viewer sees in it." (Stanley Kubrick)  

For the 2001: A Space Odyssey cover, I visualised the final space trip as it offered the most interesting and psychedelic space for graphical expression.

In the A Clockwork Orange cover I chose what I personally found the most visceral image, Alex's terrifying eye-popping "rehabilitation".

Finally, The Shining cover replicated the intense geometric carpet from the Overlook's corridors, suggesting menace on an almost unconscious graphical level.

Kubrick is Graphic, in all senses of the word - his filmmaking is a design process that realises his artistic vision. He distils every component, in every scene, in every film into exactly what it needs to be, meticulously crafting and reducing until what is left is the pure communication of its message. My aim for these fantasy covers was to produce a distilled, graphical image to represent each film and to place the style somewhere in the near past.

...and here's a sample of some of the cool and varied work in the online exhibition

Robert McCall: Salute to a Legendary Space Artist

Get blown away by the incredible body of work by the late Robert McCall, made especially famous by his artwork for Kubricks '2001: A Space Odyssey'. There's so much good stuff I couldn't fit it all in, so check out his work on the various links below, especially his site at - H. Lester Cooke, former curator of painting at the National Gallery of Art, once noted that Mr. McCall had “the quality and scope of imagination to travel in space, and carry us along with him.” He does that and some...