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Which typeface are you? Fun personality analysis microsite / #Pentagram / #Typography

What typeface are you?
See (Password: Character)

Im Cooper Black Italic (pictured), rather pleased as is an old favourite of mine, nice... (thought it might turn out to be Helvetica?)

Better summary article on the project than I could cob together here:
"If you've ever sat down with a type designer, what you quickly realize is that they rarely talk about fonts in purely aesthetic or even functional terms: They talk about assertiveness or calm or friendliness. In short, they talk about personality traits. It makes sense, then, that your personality could be translated into a typeface. And Pentragram has done just that, in this lovely microsite, What Type are You? (Password: Character) It takes you through four simple personality questions, guided by a faceless psychoanalyst. (The analyst's 1920s Bauhaus office setting is a witty touch.) After answering the questions, the analyst spits out one of 16 typefaces, and an explanation about the design and how it exemplifies the characteristics you laid out. There's even a bit of history about each, and a list you can see of who else had the same results. (For example, "Virginia Heffernan," which just might be The New York Times's TV critic, is Bifur.)"