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Get your 'Geometry Daily' here...

My new favourite site - found via my other favourite site

"Why geometry?I love geometry. Lines, curves, rectangles, circles, triangles are a simplification of our real world but also their building blocks. Geometry, like physics or mathematics, defines how our world is constructed. I find endless beauty in this construction. I see god in there" by Tilman, an interaction and graphic designer living and working in and near Nuremberg, Germany.

Gurafiku: Outstanding Japanese Graphic Design Blog


 Wow, Wow, Wow - sometimes you are pointed in the direction of a blog that you simply have to look at EVERY post from and this amazing Japanese Graphic design collection called Gurafiku is one of those sites > is a brill Japanese resource by Ryan Hageman (@ryanhageman) and there's tonnes more pics on the blog to thumb through - also thanks to @Gilliom for posting his blog article about the Gurafiku blog bringing it to my attention, Gilliom's blog Monsieurbandit is another excellent design blog, go have a look

UPDATE: Thanks for the post!