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Gold for Glee 'Cross-Media Campaign' at Promax UK 2012

The Glee Cross-Media Campaign

The Sky Creative 'Glee' Campaign team has been awarded Gold for the 'Best Cross-Media Campaign'. Fantastic. It's always great to win awards, but the reason I'm especially pleased with being part of this collaborative team is that integrating campaign work cross-media often doesn't work too well, has a bias to one media over another, or logistically runs out of control.

It takes a lot of people to work together to make a campaign of this size, in particular I would like to highlight the collaborative strategy work from DennyTu at Sky Creative who kept it together and made sure that all areas delivered a joined-up experience. This award shows that the cross-media campaign's at Sky Creative are working and the integration of all creative areas is essential for the future of campaigns.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on the campaign at Sky Creative and the Sky1 Digital Entertainment team!

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