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Virtual Letterpress on Your iPad | Kickstarter

I love this iPad app, & so do 933 (and counting) other backers on Kickstarter too. What's not to love, they're keeping the art of letterpress alive in the digital medium. It's already got more than enough pledges and good luck to John Bonadies and team with this gem of a design project.

"Experience the Art and Craft of Letterpress Printing on your iPad
LetterMpress™ will be a virtual letterpress environment—released first on the iPad—that will allow anyone to create authentic-looking letterpress designs and prints.  The design process is the same as the letterpress process—you place and arrange type and cuts on a press bed, lock the type, ink the type, and print. You will be able to create unlimited designs, with multiple colors, using authentic vintage wood type and art cuts. And you can print your design directly from LetterMpress or save it as an image for import it into other applications."

Vintage Variety Theatre Posters

Inspired by 'The Story of Variety with Michael Grade' on BBC4, I've collated a pack of original Variety Theatre Posters all with the crowded typographic aesthethic of eye-catching headlines, status lead billing hierarchy and bold display fonts much emulated today. Interestingly, the smaller the font the further away from the stage the acts dressing room was, so font size directly reflected status and salary!

More info about the show:
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