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Orange & T-Mobile brand merger, a hybred-hell...

What would happen to the branding of Orange & T-Mobile if they merged, what would their brand look like?

Strand Consulting chief executive John Strand said: "The two brands will run separately. To say to Orange it has to give up the Orange brand would be like asking the Queen she must speak French. It won't happen. The same with T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom will not give up its brand in the UK." See

But what of they HAD to make a hybred brand together, what would they do…?

  Obvious & sensible…
·       Create an entirely new brand, ‘powered by’ Orange & T-Mobile (this’ll probably be the way they’ll go)

Use the square…
·       They both use squares, so some kind of hybred pink and Orange square?

Change the name to:
·      Pink…
·      Orangey-pink
·      Sunset Mobile
·      O-Mobile
·      Orange-Mobile
·      TO-Mobile (like together…!)
·      OT-Mobile (or even OTT Mobile, over-the-top mobile)

What if they kept Orange’s strapline…
·      The future’s bright, the future’s Orange
·      The future’s brighter, the future’s Pink
·      The future’s brightest, the future’s a Pinky-Orange hybred

What if they kept T-Mobile’s strapline…
·      Life’s for Sharing
·      A brand’s for sharing
·      Share an orange

I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the brand steering meetings to see how they’d fight it out, somewhere between the Orange and the Pink corner. Here are some bad logo designs to show you what I mean…