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International Teletext Festival 2012

Yes. I did say Teletext Festival, Teletext lives on (in Finland in this case). They are having an open call for entries for teletext art. The Festival is in Helsinki in March and submissions will be broadcasted on Finland’s national broadcast service (by the way the examples in the post have been taken from the 2006 teletext event by the same organizers, but they get you in the mood...)

ITAF is organised by FixC cooperative (http;// in collaboration with YLE the national broadcast corporation of Finland. Artists are welcome to participate with 24 - page animations (1 page + 24 sub -pages) or single image works (much easier).

Call for entries here: 
Send your works by 25th Jan 2012 to: 
Teletext editor here:

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While were at it, here's the post I did in Dec 2010
'Teletext, we still love ya...'

Teletext, we still love ya...

Gone but not forgotten. Who could forget the pixelated aesthethic of TV text? I for one still have a big old soft spot for it...

Oracle Teletext "Electronic Synth" music UK Channel 4  - The music was recorded from Channel 4 Oracle teletext service in 1990. Enjoy the music!

Pedro Marin - El día después. The first music video in history for Teletext on Cuatro (Channel 4), Spanish national TV

goodbye teletext itv - a selection of highlights

And as it's almost Christmas...Here are some CEEFAX pages as transmitted on BBC1 from 24th December 1982 along with two tracks from the delightful Christmas trade test tape

Teletext services around the world -
b3ta challenge: save teletext -
Ceefax : Colombia Space Shuttle Launch 1981 -
TV Ark, Testcards and Teletext -
WATCH THIS...IT'S SO COOL - NBC Super Channel Text Promo from 1994 -