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TRON | Original UK Campaign Book & Synopsis

"This is the original UK marketing campaign book and synopsis document for Tron. The campaign book was sent out to cinema managers, newspaper and magazine staff, and other entities who would have been involved in the marketing of the film back in 1982."

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Making of Tron: Then & Now...

Whether you like or dislike the storyline for the new Tron, you can't deny how good looking it all is (or maybe you can, but I love the way it looks anyhow, maybe not as much as the original but it's a pretty good light show). I thought it'd be an interesting post comparing the making of documentaries from both films. For the original Tron you have two documentaries to choose from, the short one from the collectors edition DVD or the 9 part long one from 1982...enjoy!
This is a slick making of video from Digital Domain about their VFX work for Tron Legacy. Digital Domain: and Tron Legacy official website:


From the Collector Edition's DVD. Cool to hear how inspired John Lasseter was by Tron! Also insane animation procedure for the 3D CG.

Vintage Video Game Ads, Mags & Catalogues

Enjoy this little collection of vintage video game adverts, magazine and catalogue covers I've found from the 70's and 80's. View full gallery here -

More vintage ads -

Vintage computer mag covers -

Atari Game Manuals -

Atari Cartridges -

The Original Tron

It looked wicked then and it looks wicked now, end of. "Crom: I mean, sending me down here to play games! Who does he calculate he is?" Full Flickr gallery here:

See the complete set of 66 Tron trading cards, released by Disney in 1981 -

Alsorts here in the Flickr Tron Group -

Incase you forgot the amazing Lightbike scene