TFL 'Tour De France' Posters by M&C Saatchi

During last week's Tour De France I noticed these simple, clever posters on the tube driving awareness to the expected travel disruption. Beautifully illustrated and modernist inspired, a bold graphic statement shining through the visual clutter one sees on London's transport system. Added to my Transport and Travel Pinterest collection and no mistake.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Creatives: Mark Goodwin, Grant Parker
Illustrator: Adrian Johnson

The Real World Web report | Living within the internet of things | PSFK

Another great report from PSFK...

"The Real World Web report in collaboration with iQ by intel identifies 10 trends and three major themes living within the internet of things that point to the role internet-enabled technologies will play in connected ecosystems of the future, and their effect on consumer behaviors and lifestyles. In our Community Net theme, we explore the growing network of individuals, sensors and wearable devices enabling the open exchange of real-time information streams while contributing to a shared pool of collective knowledge. With the Empathy Tech theme, we look at how technology is understanding a wider range of human needs and behaviors to provide relevant assistance and support at key moments. While the Conscious Planet theme considers how intelligent machines are able to respond to a range of situations with appropriate pre- determined actions without the need for human input, and even learn more sophisticated responses over time."

Disruption & Decentralisation: The Next Web Debrief 2014

Disruption, Decentralisation and a Debrief of the rest. A round up of the key themes from The Next Web, Amsterdam, May 2014 given as talks to Sky TV, UK. 

Includes Duolingo, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digital Darwinism, Game changers today, Free is a lie, Post-Snowden Web and the Future of shopping.

Classic Citroën Playing Card Game


One of the Citroën-internet pioneers, Marcel Reimer, started an internetgame in 1997 by sending some of these cards by e-mail to a number of internet Citroën freaks. They could earn more cards when you answered difficult cryptic questions, the answers could be found on Citroën pages all over the internet. You could also change cards with other participants. The first one to have all 36 published somewhere on the internet received a free meal. That was on a nice and happy night in a restaurant with a number of other participants. Source.

5 x SXSW Presentations Worth Reading

There is a lot to go through from SXSW 2014, so I've trawled SlideShare to find the most interesting presentations, featuring thoughts on Life Lessons, Brainstorming, Content, Persuasive Design and Wearable tech for people with disabilities...

Life Lessons from SXSW: Curated by Ogilvy

"After a bunch of sessions, seminars, and parties, Andrea Hackett of Social@Ogilvy picked up more than just tech and marketing advice. She also got a full dose of the principles some of the best minds around live by. Here are five life lessons taken from a selection of inspirational people who spoke in Austin over the long weekend."

Idea Vomiting: A Creative Brainstorming session

"This presentation concentrates on methods of creative ideation. Harness the creativity of your team, spur brilliant ideas from unlikely sources, use absurdity to ignite your creative genius, discover your best solutions yet."

Top 4 Content Conversations at SXSW 2014

"As brands get even deeper into content marketing, further improvements and challenges emerge. Here were some of the more interesting themes around content at this year's SXSW: Timing, Design, Commerce, and Privacy."

Changing Behaviour through persuasive design

"Whether it's Nike+ reminding you to be more active, Mint judging you for not saving enough money, or Gmail telling you which emails are important, everyday we're interacting with products and services that attempt to modify our behavior. For the most part, we consciously choose to use these products because of their ability to motivate or incentivize change. However, there are an increasing number of websites, apps, and devices that are not behavior changing technologies, but they have begun employing tactics on a micro-level to influence us, generally without our awareness or intent. Through persuasive design, businesses are crafting interfaces to meet their goals – goals that may be at odds with your personal interests as a user. 

A practical presentation for designers, product managers, marketers, and researchers who want to leverage the power of user persuasion in their products, as well as consumers who want to better understand how their attitudes and usage behaviors are being manipulated though persuasive design."

SXSW 2014 | Wearable Tech: Game Changer for People with Disabilities?

"Media and agencies are plagued with tunnel vision. They are stuck thinking about mundane use cases for wearables like Glass that are reminiscent of first phase mobile apps. 

Wake up. Wearable tech has the potential for more impact than what brands are talking about. Let’s instead explore more complex use cases and look into how wearable tech can drastically improve lives of people with disabilities or special needs. 

In this session we will explore how Glass and other wearables can unlock new possibilities for people with vision issues, hearing issues, or decreased mobility of their limbs. We’ll share real users’ stories, explore how wearable tech may address their needs, and look at what’s possible today versus looking into the future."