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Video Game Arcade Flyer Collection | Retro, Character, Computer

I'm almost giddy at finding this AMAZING Arcade Flyer Archive

I've been going through the site for a couple of nights and have only been through a fraction of it's content, phew it's dense...but I can look at this stuff until I drop, and it's a pleasure to drop after a night of these graphics. Here's the first post, which is a mix of retro go-faster game & sports styles, cute and character based styles and then photographic people, robots & typographic flyers. The Space based collection follows in the next post...

Retro Games & Sports

Cutesy & Character

People, Robots & Type

"The Arcade Flyer Archive (TAFA) is a digital repository for advertisement flyers that are used by the coin-operated amusement industry to promote the sales of its games. Over time flyers represent much more than a marketing brochure. They capture a unique blend of the industry's history, graphic design trends and advertising campaigns. Most importantly, they bring out the nostalgia of countless people who have grown up with the culture of video games, pinball machines and arcade games. Unique cabinet designs, attractive artwork and real screen shots -- all of which represent the visual language of coin-operated games, make flyers sought after items for collectors and effective tools for restoring games to their original factory specifications." Source: the 'About Us' section of the archive site

For the Love of Rave ☺ A Collection of 80's & 90's Flyers

Whilst not being the embodiment of elegant design, these flyers capture the frenzied spirit of Acid-House & Rave, the cultural movement of the 90's. Best enjoyed listening to the AGT Rave Cru - BLOC 2011 Promo Mix here:

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray


Lil' Louis - French Kiss