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Swissted | Swiss Modernist Punk, Hardcore & Indie Flyers

#Love (found via @andrewdotdobson)

Swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce, owner of stereotype design in new york city. Drawing from his love of punk rock and swiss modernism, two movements that have absolutely nothing to do with one another, mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters. Each poster is sized to the standard swiss kiosk dimensions of 35.5 inches wide by 50 inches high and set in Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Medium, all lowercase. Every single one of these shows actually happened.

For the Love of Rave ☺ A Collection of 80's & 90's Flyers

Whilst not being the embodiment of elegant design, these flyers capture the frenzied spirit of Acid-House & Rave, the cultural movement of the 90's. Best enjoyed listening to the AGT Rave Cru - BLOC 2011 Promo Mix here:

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray


Lil' Louis - French Kiss


The Flyest of Flyers | NYC Hip-Hop Scene 70's & 80's

Best experienced with my accompanying NYC Hip-Hop playlist on Spotify, enjoy...

"Stumbled upon an awesome collection of party flyers from the early days (late 70's early 80's) of the NYC Hip Hop scene. Truly some gems in here." Posted on Scribd by David Halloran

“Most of the Old School Party Flyers were Designed By Buddy Esquire and Phase 2. Phase 2 was a real big Aerosol Artist who wrote on a lot of the NYC Trains who also did a majority of the Party Flyers back then. Buddy Esquire was a regular Artist who did a lot of party Flyers as well. These Cats Worked on big Art tables and had all the tools to make these Flyers by hand including those Rub on Letters, wax Machines, exacto knives, Graph Paper and many other tools that are extinct today in the modern artwork world.” dustykid post on

Play Arcade Classic BURGERTIME now!

"While making burgers, Peter Pepper must deal with three enemies: Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg."
And so it begins, one of the most addictive arcade games ever in my opinion...I don't know how many hours I've given over to this game. Each new game starts with the same hope, maybe this time I'll get past level 4, maybe this time I'll accrue so much defensive pepper that those pesky pickles won't get me (oh, and don't get me started on that evil egg!!!). Anyway, I thought I'd share the love with you when I discovered I could embed the Flash game emulator by Robb Briggs into this blog page - oh joy! Also, check out these flyers and screens I've found of a few versions of the game.

Here's the stats from 

Developer(s) Data East
Publisher(s) Data East
Bally Midway
Platform(s) ArcadeIntellivisionColecoVisionNESAtari2600 & 7800
Release date(s) 1982
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
Cabinet Upright, cocktail
Display Raster, 19 monitor

The world record high score on BurgerTime, according to Twin Galaxies is 11,512,500 points, played by Bryan L. Wagner of Turbotville, Pennsylvania on September 19, 2008 at the Funspot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire.

A full on love for the game, with flyers and wallpapers:
Info about Burgertime from the Data East publisher site:
Info on all platform versions: