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AOL Generative Branding

Im currently rather into generative art & design, and the work for AOL by Wolff Olins and Universal Everything is an excellent example of how it can successfully work within a branding space. Love it.

Universal Everything Case-Study

"We worked with Wolff Olins NYC to develop the digital rebranding of AOL. An ongoing series of brand films are released monthly to form the basis of AOL's ever changing identity. The emphasis is on surprise, celebration and the unpredictable. Every brand film is based in a white space, the action reveals the white AOL logo. Working with many approaches including CGI, slow-motion, stop-motion, macro-photography and generative software, the series was made in collaboration with programmers, contemporary dancers and everyday people.We have created 30+ films in 1080 HD with accompanying responsive sound design. The films displayed in many screen formats, from the NY Stock Exchange to viral videos, from projections onto The New Museum NYC to screensavers for every AOL employee.   AOL's rebrand has received huge press attention across technology, design and culture blogs. A grassroots site has been launched to nurture and support the next generation of creative talent."
Also amazing work by Field, who did some of the visualisation