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KRAFTWERK | Artwork, Music, Thinking

This is a collection of artwork & photos from one of my all time favourite bands, Kraftwerk. There are finds from gigs and Japanese versions of their albums and I've also tracked down some real treats on YouTube, including Kraftwerk on Italian RAI TV in 1981 where Ralf sings in Italian - a rare colour version of Roger Mainwood's 1979 trippy animation for Autobahn in 2 parts - a fantastic Tomorrow's World clip of Kraftwerk's Robots in action dated from 1991 (so people think in the video comments) - Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator played on a Bee Gees Rhythm Machine which is what Ralf Hutter used live, and I urge you to watch the excellent Kraftwerk documentary, made by Malik Bendjelloul for Swedish TV's Pop i fokus in 2001 which has interviews with Karl Bartos, Wolfgang Flur, Bjork, Moby, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Peter Saville - divided into 3 parts. Enjoy...

Kraftwerk Mini Calculatore RAI TV 1981