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Sanderson 1950's Modernist Fabric Collection

Gorgeous collection...

"This is a bold and iconic collection of prints and weaves that celebrate a decade of design which transformed the boundaries of interior decoration. The Sanderson 50’s collection combines original 1950’s designs from the Sanderson archive with designs from contemporary artists who have taken great inspiration from this era."

Sanderson covered Ercol sofa from | Kawaii & Geek Fabrics


Geek... via
Space Invader pillows by

& Finally...
One for design geeks, Pantone Fabric
Fabric pic from 

All from
"Spoonflower makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs."

Japanese Fabric & Paper Patterns

Here's a collection of a few modern and vintage Japanese fabric & paper designs I've been hoarding - from cutesy Kawaii, Chiyogami (meaning "1000 generation paper") which are traditional block-printed paper patterns and Kimono fabric and panels they show the remarkable beauty and diversity of Japanese design and are also downright sumptuous, enjoy...