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Who colour-coded Christmas?

"Santa's crimson and fur-lined coat? Shiny holly leaves and berries? Colourful poisonous, hallucinogenic mushrooms? Or medieval paintings in East Anglian churches? Just how did red, green and white become the conventional colours of Christmas?  Dr Spike Bucklow from Cambridge University's Hamilton Kerr Institute is questioning the common belief that the traditional festive shades are a legacy of the Victorians. For the past three years, he has researched the art history of medieval wooden rood screens in churches across Norfolk and Suffolk.  Here - from the bright rainbow palette of the 21st Century Christmas - he travels back in time to present a theory on who might have colour-coded Christmas."

Christmas by Colour Project
Another interesting colour project is the 'Christmas by Colour' project's exploration into the colours that shape Christmas - by Mancherster based design agency Raw

Frustrated at the plethora of Christmas reds, whites and greens Raw decided to explore the colours people really associate with their Christmas. Thousands of people from around the world embraced the project and relished the opportunity to suggest their own colour and its personal meaning. Raw then handpicked the best to go on their nice list and be featured on the popular Pantone-inspired A1 poster." | Kawaii & Geek Fabrics


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Space Invader pillows by

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One for design geeks, Pantone Fabric
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"Spoonflower makes it possible for individuals to design, print and sell their own fabric designs."

Let there be Colour, lots of it | Pantone Branding

PANTONE PLUS - Identity, packaging, and launch campaign for Pantone Plus, the successor to the Pantone Matching System. Photography and props by Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbens.

Rare behind-the-scenes look at Pantone and the development of the new PANTONE PLUS SERIES -

PRODUCTS 'Pantone brand creates a rainbow of new products' - also 'Pantone, Merchants of Color' -

Excellent article by Momus called 'She comes in colours' - "In just nine months, Pantone has completely changed its meaning in Japan. Once a fistful of numbered swatch cards that pernickety designers would menace printers with, it's now become a trendy consumer buzzword in Japan, and, some might say, a byword for the newly-acceptable face of colour in a nation which dips in and out of chromophobia." and Wiki here -

FASHION Gap and Pantone – an interesting cobranding attempt, Gap Pantone concept store NYC -

Pantone T-Shirts by Uniqlo -