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Oliver Payne's Japanese Bullet Hell Games Art

"From the exhibition Perfect Cherry Blossom by Keiichi Tanaami (*1936) and Oliver Payne (*1977). Oliver Payne’s collages stickers of Japanese Bullet Hell Games are arranged on torn out pages of an ancient Greek sculpture catalogue. Payne transforms the violent imagery of these videogames into psychedelic explosions of color. Greek statues serve as a background and a reminder of the fantasy worlds produced in Japanese arcade games, which often picture rural Europe. Sounds of an arcade field recording give a notion of manic playfulness towards the exhibited works."

Pong. A Compendium.



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Ralph Baer and Bill Harrison Play Ping-Pong Video Game, 1969

Forty years ago today, the first video game on a television set was played by these two men. Two years later, they would be recorded demonstrating their famous Ping-Pong game on the "brown box" console, which later became the basis of Atari's Pong. 

The History Of Pong

The Arcade Original Pong

PING - augmented pixel

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