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New Kinect Hacks Round Up II

Kinect Teleoperation of Humanoid Robot (good stuff after 1:20) See article about this hack

Kinect Hand Detection  See article about this hack,2845,2374136,00.asp

Kinect + HMD Virtual Reality See article about this hack 

World of Warcraft with Microsoft Kinec >See article about this hack

Real time lightsaber on the Kinect on PC See article about this hack

Virtopsy - Potential use of gesture control in medicine using the Microsoft Kinect camera  See article about this hack

First Kinect hacks post -

A Round-up of Kinect Hacks

It was only a matter of time - here's a mixed bag of the latest Kinect hacks...enjoy!

"I used the Xbox Kinect sensor to extract the silhouette and project it back as a shadow to the prison corridor. There are 3 seconds delay between the shadow captured and projected, make it a relation between a person and his past."

"Using Mac OSX and OpenFrameworks. A single camera with a Z depth. Impressive results. Thanks to the openframeworks developer community."

"Made with Cinder and the Kinect sensor. Runs in realtime."