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Stunningly Beautiful Interactive Plants

"Botanicus Interacticus is a technology for designing highly expressive interactive plants, both living and artificial. Driven by the rapid fusion of computing and living spaces, we take interaction from computing devices and places it in the physical world using livings plants as an interactive medium."


How they did it...

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A Round-up of Kinect Hacks

It was only a matter of time - here's a mixed bag of the latest Kinect hacks...enjoy!

"I used the Xbox Kinect sensor to extract the silhouette and project it back as a shadow to the prison corridor. There are 3 seconds delay between the shadow captured and projected, make it a relation between a person and his past."

"Using Mac OSX and OpenFrameworks. A single camera with a Z depth. Impressive results. Thanks to the openframeworks developer community."

"Made with Cinder and the Kinect sensor. Runs in realtime."

Wired & Adobe iPad App: A Video Demonstration

Adobe and Wired's concept work on a touchscreen magazine. Narrated by Jeremy and Wired Creative Director Scott Dadich, who led the tablet team.

"But what is already clear is that they offer the opportunity to be beautiful, highly engaging and immersive, going beyond what’s available on the web. I think tablets are going to sell like hotcakes, in part because they offer such an intimate, rich media experience. We’re betting big on them, as you can see, but this is just a taste."

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New visual language for BBC's digital services | Work in progress


This work in progress article is a really good insight into the thinking behind the redesign of the BBC's digital services. I particularly like the detail into the inspiration for the grid system from vintage Penguin book cover grids, the idea of an interwoven vertical and horizontal grid system to weave the eye around the content, the more dramatic use of typography focusing on signposting and articulation and insight into their use of 4 new carousel systems. See