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Robots, Robots, Robots

Robots in adverts, Robots in film, Robots on album covers, Robot toys - you get the picture, it's all about the Robots - see more in my 'Robots, Robots, Robots' Gallery on Flickr -

In another style, the brilliant lego set 'Robots Indoor' which are small robots, droids, mechs and other creatures -

It's not just the retro robots, am enjoying the fresh feel of the 'Robot Academy' illustrations by and on Flickr here: Robot Academy - and more here: Robot Academy 2 -

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Robbie The Robot, The "Lost In Space" Robot And The Bionic Man Walk Up To A Bar...

LEGOLICIOUS! Adult Fans of LEGO video (AFOL) | Vimeo

I for one enjoy my LEGO making sessions with my 3 year old a little too much, maybe Im a AFOL at heart! Watching this I retained a smile throughout and was itching to get a few hours in some of those guys LEGO studios - they are LEGOLICIOUS!

This is a well put together documentary on the world of Adult LEGO fans, as one comment on Vimeo said 'Great documentary. You treated the subject with humor and respect' and a subject which could have been mocked instead keeps you watching for the full half hour.

Info from Vimeo about film: "Passion combines with creativity in this documentary that features a selection of AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO) from the Pacific NorthWest." Directed by Jess Gibson

Update: Fantastic lego table here -