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Minimal Organic Identity for Skærtoft Mølle Mill

"Skærtoft Mølle is a small organic mill located in the south of Denmark. They mill their flour slowly on a stone grinder – not because they’re especially romantic or old-fashioned; but to retain all the nutrients in each grain. What you buy is as close to the natural product as possible – Mega Design wanted to create a visual identity for Skærtoft Mølle that was as pure as their products."

Minimalist RGB Transition

Mesmerizingly simple, love it.

A video image consists of three primary components - red, green and blue. For this work each component channel was fed a differently timed sequence of 50 common video transitions. As the three components recombine to create a video image; constantly changing forms and colours are revealed. Made by Timothy Evans in collaboration with Daniel Eatock. Found via