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UK & US Wartime Food Propaganda

UK & US Posters

And from Disney...'Food Will Win The War' which has some of the oddest images as the animator's abstract the food visuals to show the scale of eating carefully and not wasting...


A Collection of Chinese Propaganda Posters | 1925-2006

Politics and ethics aside, I keep being drawn to the pure graphic language of Propaganda art from around the world. It's use of beauty, emotion, symbolism, bold graphic imagery, regional tradition, messaging and typography combine to make persuasive communications. There's a mix of overall styles in this Chinese Propaganda Poster collection, but for me to make sense of them I've grouped them loosely into Joyous, Children, Oddly Modern and Militant.

Sourced from the Gallery of Chinese Propaganda Posters (1925-2006) at http://chineseposters.net


Children Oddly Modern