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We all ♥ Tony Hart

I had a random dream about Take Hart last night and it reminded me about how much I miss everybody's favourite art teacher (...everybody of a certain age that is!). Tony Hart set the Art teacher mould as far as I'm concerned, and has a permanent place in all our hearts, end of. Here's three Tony Hart videos from the archive - an early episode of Take Hart from the first series in 1976 - there are some very hip animation pieces within this video and some great art techniques, a really interesting showreel of Tony Hart's own animation on 16mm, and a rather cool Dalek short from Vision On in 1972...(oh, and no Morph in sight, sorry Morph fans!)

"A brilliant minute-long clip from Vision On, shown first on 1st December 1972. Tony Hart draws the outline of a Dalek using a football-pitch line-marking machine, and then it 'comes to life'. Dalek spods will recognise these as the 1972 BBC Visual Effects wooden Dalek builds, appearing in their gunmetal 'Planet Of The Daleks' livery"

For any of you that don't know who he was...