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The many ways Star Wars is used in adverts...

Star Wars has been used to sell a mind boggling array of products (including a hefty tonne of it's own merchandise) and it's a bit of a past-time of mine collecting the ads I find along the way. This post shows some cool (and not so cool) examples including ice lollies, Japanese tuna, trainers, as well as actual Star Wars brand products by Palitoy. Most are pretty old school, but I've also included the Adidas Originals ad as I thought that was slick. 

Bonus find: the images below are Rejected Star Wars Promotional Products, I can't imagine why they were rejected?!

Bizarre Star Wars Japanese Commercial


Palitoy Factory - Star Wars Toys (This isn't an ad, but it's rather interesting to see the toys production line)

Star Wars™ Cantina 2010 / adidas Originals

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I ♥ Retro Galt Toys Branding


I always vaguely remembered Galt toys as graphically cool from when I was a kid, and on searching today for them I wasn't disappointed. They seem to sum up an aspect of 70's design that is part of my subconscious, like the original Star Wars toy branding which still makes my heart jump when I see it (hmm, maybe that should be another blog article?) - they're muted 70's Galt palette, clear modernist typography, playful layout, type, illustration & photography all feel quirkily European and have a quality of Paul Rand about them (see )