10 Favourite Posts in 2010

Looking back on 2010, here's 10 of my favourite posts over the year - Have a Happy New Year Everyone! xx

1. Graphic Design of Fred Troller 1930-2002 http://kathykavan.com/fred-troller-graphic-design-swiss-typography

2. Mexico 1968 Olympic Identity by Lance Wyman http://kathykavan.com/mexico-1968-olympic-identity-by-lance-wyman

3. Graphic Heroes: Otl Aicher, Designer 1972 Munich Olympics Identity http://kathykavan.com/graphic-resource-otl-aicher-designer-1972-mun

4. Soviet Arcade Games & Posters http://kathykavan.com/soviet-arcade-games-posters

5. Tadanori Yokoo Psychedelic Posters http://kathykavan.com/tadanori-yokoo-psychedelic-posters-japan-grap

6. A lil' Waldo Pancake for you..http://kathykavan.com/a-lil-waldo-pancake-for-you

7. Modernist Textiles | 1950's & Henry Moore http://kathykavan.com/modernist-textiles-1950s-henry-moore

8. The many ways Star Wars is used in adverts... http://kathykavan.com/the-many-ways-star-wars-is-used-in-adverts

9. A World of Miffy & Dick Bruna http://kathykavan.com/a-world-of-miffy-and-dick-bruna-miffy-dickbru

10. Graphical Godzilla Godzilla Godzilla!!! http://kathykavan.com/graphical-godzilla-godzilla-godzilla

A World of Miffy & Dick Bruna

"Each book first begins with a little idea"
I've been meaning to post a homage to one of my graphic design heroes, Dick Bruna, for some time - so here it is. There's so much material out there I thought I'd collate lots of links, quotations and illustrations on the man, Miffy and his other illustrative creations to give a fuller picture of him and his work...enjoy!!