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Erik Nitsche's Modernist Decca Album Covers

"Nitsche moved back to Geneva in 1960 where he founded ENI (Erik Nitsche international). He produced pictoral history books; ambitious volumes such as the histories of transportation, aviation, photography, astronomy and chemistry. His largest project was a twenty volume set visualizing the history of music, from classical to jazz, composition to instrumentation. He managed to select and organize great masses of material."

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Decca Records by Erik Nitsche -
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Early Computer Graphics | Collection

To appreciate computer graphics now we should also remember the then...

This post includes 1970's retrospective and documentary followed by some 1980's delights! Want more? Visit 'A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation' here

History of Computer Graphics (1972)
A computer graphics retrospective 

Stan Vanderbeek: The Computer Generation part 1
Documentary from 1972 by John Musilli

Stan Vanderbeek: The Computer Generation part 2
Documentary from 1972 by John Musilli

Panasonic "Glider" 1981
Robert Abel and Associates commercial for panasonic with music tat sounds a lot like the love theme from the Superman movies

1981 Early Computer Graphics
Adam Powers, the juggler, from an early III demo reel

The Making of Star Wars Computer Graphics | Larry Cuba

Remember the animation of the Death Star that was shown to pilots in the Rebel Alliance?...Course you do - well the computer graphics for the first Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 1977 were created by Larry Cuba at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. For more information on the lab, visit the website and Larry Cuba at and
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...Other early Larry Cuba Computer Graphics

"(1985) Calculated Movements by Larry Cuba is an example of early video art using software developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL). The video has a minimalist/ambient original sound piece."

Mid-Century Classical Album Covers

The visualisation of music is a perfect vehicle for designers to graphically play - here's a classically themed collection which, whether you like classical music or not, are visually stunning.
World Record Club (Australian) Covers -

Blue Note Album Covers (Still & Animated)

Thought it was about time I posted a collection of my favourite Blue Note album covers, sourced from the extensive collection by Vintage Vangard

Hi-Fi from bante on Vimeo

Thanks to Gilliom on Monsieur Bandit blog for posting this rather good video of animated Blue Note record covers

UPDATE: Thanks to Ralph Lichtensteiger ( ) for posting this great Reid Miles link:

IBM 'Smarter Planet' Brand + Original IBM Brand by Paul Rand

IBM 'Smarter Planet' Branding

Office SF  collaborated with Ogilvy and Mather for a Paul Rand inspired visual style for IBM's Smarter Planet Project - the results are bold, colourful and stunning taking inspiration from Paul Rand's original IBM graphic heritage (see below).


Digital Signage:

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IBM Original Branding by Paul Rand

1993 Interview with Steve Jobs on Paul Rand

More on the Paul Rand tribute site:

Good reference in this Paul Rand Flickr set - and Flickr group