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Outer Space Sells ★ Cool Space Adverts from 1980's to 1950's

From Engine Oil to Hair Conditioner, Cars to Hoovers, from Lollies to Booze, setting it in Space sells it. Here's a collection of the coolest one's I've found...enjoy!

1989 Esso Robot Ad

1980's Atari 2600 "Everyones going Atari" Retro TV Advert

1980 Clairol Small Miracles Conditioner Commercial

Space:1999 - Ice Lolly advert

Schlitz Malt Liquor 1979 TV commercial

Late 1970's, KP Outer Spacers

Modernist Science & Tech Ads 1950's & 1960's

Modernism + Science + Tech + Graphic Design = Win

"This is a random assortment of science ads collected from various science and tech magazines of the 50s and 60s. We're particularly struck by how they have utilized the modernist aesthetic in a manner particularly appropriate for its subject matter."

From Bustbright's massive collection

Pirelli Advertising Collection 1950's-60's

I've been meaning to collate a post on Pirelli ads from the 50's & 60's for a while, I find this era the most graphically inspiring from the brand.
"In the 1950s and 1960s, as the Pirelli group became international, Pirelli chose great European designers, such as Max Huber, Pavel M. Engelmann, Bob Noorda, Albe Steiner e Raymond Savignac. While Italian designers included Bruno Munari, Armando Testa, Riccardo Manzi, Giulio Confalonieri and Pino Tovaglia."

Here's some favourites, with reference to the source below...

Modernist Textiles | 1950's & Henry Moore

Fifties Textiles

God they're gorgeous - here's some I've collected around and about. Some of the patterns in the gallery are from 'V&A Pattern - The Fifties' book by Sue Prichard for £7.99 - a lovely collection of patterns which you also get copies on CD

Henry Moore Textiles

I visited the 'Henry Moore Textiles' exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich last weekend and was blown away by how Moore's drawings were reproduced as textiles by Czech textile manufacturer Zika Ascher - they were really beautiful with fantastic subtle palettes.

"Although Moore is best known for his sculptures, this acclaimed exhibition offers the opportunity to see his work on an intimate scale, bringing together dress and upholstery fabrics with wall panels, drawings and lithographs.  Henry Moore was first approached to make designs for fabrics during the Second World War, when Czech textile manufacturer Zika Ascher commissioned him and other leading artists to create designs for scarves. Moore worked closely with Ascher on the project, producing fabrics which were versatile and practical, yet remained vibrant works of art.  The exuberant designs incorporate images of barbed-wire and safety pins as well as more light-hearted motifs of caterpillars, sea creatures and piano keys. Moore’s work looked forward to a new era, in keeping with the artist’s belief that art should be part of everyday life. His use of vivid pinks and greens, zigzags and swirls of interspersing colours contrasts with the often subdued colours of clothing and domestic fabrics in the post-war years." See also and

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