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TRON | Original UK Campaign Book & Synopsis

"This is the original UK marketing campaign book and synopsis document for Tron. The campaign book was sent out to cinema managers, newspaper and magazine staff, and other entities who would have been involved in the marketing of the film back in 1982."

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Hyper 1980's Motion Graphics

This collection is so bad it's good, enjoy...

VIDEODROME (1983) Trailer with hyper '80s graphics for the David Cronenberg classic

JVC - Time Rider - Computer Dreaming (1981)
Unbelievably painfully cheesy video effects demo from JVC circa 1981. They suffered for their art - now it's your turn. 

Quest (1985)
Computer animated short from 1985 featured gratuitous amounts of ray tracing, rendered on a network of 108 Apollo Workstations.

Star Rider (1983)
Background visuals from the hybrid laserdisc/CG arcade game "Star Rider." (watch from 46 seconds onwards...)

Bio-Sensor (1984) / Sio-Benbor (1988)
(This is very odd!) Two shorts for the price of one! Bio-Sensor (1984) is a surreal Japanese film notable for its early use of primitive motion capture, using profile and head-on films of a tiger walking (a la Muybridge). Sio-Benbor (1988) is a French parody notable for having a really cute kitty cat.

Brilliance (1985)
...And now for the obligitary sexy female robot